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What this means: On a given product page If you click on a  "See full selection on Amazon" link you will be sent to view that item on Amazons website.

If within a 24 hour period of landing on the Amazon website after clicking through from a "See full selection on Amazon" link on you ultimately make a purchase on Amazon, we may generate affiliate commissions from your purchase with Amazon. 

Regardless of whether or not we generate a commission from a lead that sends to Amazon, the price of the item will never be more than if you had directly navigated to the same item on Amazon by yourself. 

We sync all items automatically with Amazon several times per day, in order that you are presented with the latest pricing, consumer reviews and pricing for a given item, however, from time to time there may be differences between what you see on 

These changes are not intentional and merely mean that the latest information from Amazon has not been presented to our servers on the rare occasion that it happens.